Welcome to the Torah links page.  Since my page does not have original content for the most part, I decided to provide an organized list of impotant links to other sites that are of great value and interest.  Enjoy!

Evidence of the Divine Origin of the Written and Oral Torah

A large list of articles, audio lectures, and links on the validity of the Torah. This website has listed almost all of the relavent audio lectures, articles, and links on this topic, so instead of re-listing them here, I am just linking to thier list.  It is highly recommended.
Discovery Seminars - This is a lecture series that is given world-wide about the truth of the Torah.

Useful Tools
This section has some useful links for observant Jews.

zmMy Zmanim  A great website where you can find all the Halachic times of the day.  It includes virtually every shita for every zman and provides a free monthly zmanim chart to print out.  They also run a cell-phone txt-message zman system at 516-796-2646

Go Daven!Go Daven!  Very useful site for when you are traveling.  They list all the minyanim and minyan times in a huge number of cities.  Sometimes the times are not updated, but it is still a great resource.

http://www.berachot.orgThe Berachot Site This site has a very large list of different foods and tells you the proper bracha to say before and after eating them.

KosherQuestReliable Kosher Symbols
This site shows a huge list of reliable Kosher symbols including a handy printable card in PDF format. You at Sinai  This site is a matchmaking service that is free, with the express purpose of finding a spouse.

Torah Blogs

ybgRabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer’s Blog, YGB

hHirhurim Musings

emesEmes Ve-Emunah

Articles and Audio Lessons

Torah Anytime
This is a new HUGE ongoing collection of free Torah lectures in video and audio formats by a large number of Rabbis and other speakers.  It is highly recomended.

sSimple to Remember
Extreamly good site with many free audio lectures as well as articles and links.

tTeach It To Me
One of my favorite sites for free audio lectures.  The entire Talmud can be downloaded here, as well as dozens of other topics.

JudaismAish HaTorah
Enormous site.  Has a bazillion articles and information.  Highly recommended.

aAish Audio
This is the audio lesson sister site to  Has hundreds of audio lectures, and many of them are free!

yYerushalmi Online
This site is dedicated to learning Talmud Yerushalmi.  Its main features are the complete daf yomi shiurim by Rabbi Bechhofer, as well as some seforim in pdf download.

toseftaTosefta Online
This site is dedicated to learning the Tosefta.  Its main features are the shiurim by Rabbi Bechhofer, as well as a new English translation by Eli Gurevich.  It also has other non-copyrited seforim on the Tosefta in PDF format.

sSeforim Online
Large collection of non-copyrighted pdfs of older seforim.
A huge but difficult to navigate site which has hundreds of audio lessons.

hHebrew Books
This site has thousands of free Hebrew books in pdf.

Rabbi Eli Monsaour

Each of these sites contains a wealth of knowledge and audio lessons for free.  They are highly recommended.

tLearn Torah – Huge array of shiurim from multiple Rabbis besides Rabbi Monsaour.
Daily Halachah – A Halachah of the day, covering a wide range of topics.  Usually sefardic custom and rulings are emphasized.
Daily Mishna Berurah – Go here to learn a daf of mishna Berurah each day, with a scanned image of the daf and audio shiur learning it.
Daily Gemara – Daf yomi shiur on Bavli including a scanned image of the daf.


JAMJAM:  Jewish Awareness Movement
An outreach organization across campuses in California.  They have trips to NY and Israel for college students.

ohr somayach learning and torahOhr Somayach Monsey
A great BT yeshiva.   I attended it for almost two years.  

ohr.eduOhr Somayach Israel
Another great BT yeshiva.  The site has many articles and shiurim.

AishDas Society Archives Home PageAishDas

ohr.eduThe Temple Institute
An organization dedicated to learning, teaching, and preparing to build the third temple.

ohr.eduOrthodox Union

tThe Tribe: The Cohen-Levi Family Heritage
An orginization for kohanim and leviim to get informed of thier special status, and orginize vaadim.