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Here I list a few science-oriented links. Some of these are meant for fellow researchers, while others are for a general audience. There are many great general audience science websites. Here, I list those that I am aware of which I feel are of interest.


CSRC at SDSU CSRC: Computational Science Research Center at SDSU
The CSRC, located at San Diego State University, promotes the development and advancement of the interdisciplinary subject of computational science. They accomplish this by fostering research, developing educational programs, and promoting industrial interaction, outreach, and partnership activities. I have completed both thier Masters and Ph.D. programs and highly recommend them.

Popular Science

The Mechanical Universe and Beyond The Mechanical Universe and Beyond
This is a very good video series on physics that I first saw in my high school physics class. It explains topics well with some history added in to keep it interesting. The episodes on relativity and quantum mechanics are extremely good at explaining these topics clearly through the use of animations. A must watch!

Astronomy Picture of the Day Astronomy Picture of the Day
This site displays a new astronomy picture every day with a simple explanation of whats being displayed including external links to learn more.