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Here I provide a large list of books dealing with Torah and Science issues. There are many of these, some I feel are "better" than others. I provide this list because many of these book are out-of-print, and published by numerous publishers, making them sometimes difficult to find or know about. For intellectual honesty/non-biased reasons, I list some books here even though I have very strong negative opinions about parts (or all) of them. Thus,the fact that a book is listed here, in no way indicate that I agree with the ideas within.

Also, I only list books that I have personally read, so that I can describe briefly the topic of the book and some thoughts on it. For each book I provide a link to where you can buy it (if there is one). If you are an author of a Torah and Science book, feel free to contact me. Once I get a chance to read the book (if I feel like its interesting) I will add it to the list. I may add a "not read" list, although that list may get too large to keep track of.

Until this site is re-worked, below is my book list from some time ago.